Student Presenters

This year's conference will feature seven student presenters.

Kel MacLauchlin

Kel is a junior philosophy major at Webster University, with double minors in English and Speech Communication. They are from Kentucky, but wanted to expand their horizons and sought to leave their home state for college. Their interest in philosophy draws from a wonder at the complexity of the world and of human life, and though they never hope to fully understand it, they are awed and humbled in the face of the never-ending universe. They find particular comfort in existentialism and consequentialism, and encourage others to as well.

Michael Hawkins

Michael lives in Maplewood, MO. He is finishing up his last year at Webster University and pursuing a masters in Philosophy at University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL). His objective is to teach philosophy and help those who are uncertain of life's wonders. He enjoys traveling, disc golfing, music festivals and very long walks on the beach that end with naps.

Joy Kuhlo

Joy Kuhlo is a senior student who will be graduating in may with a double major in International Human Rights and Philosophy. She is also involved with the MCISA here at Webster. In her experience, philosophy and ethics set the foundation to conceptualizing and responding to human rights issues. She wants to use philosophy as the basis for thinking through human rights, because ideas have power. After Webster, she will leave for a Peace Corps commitment to Morocco in September.